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  • Do you have a great idea for a story, but are lost with how to turn it into a concrete plot, let alone an actual manuscript?

  • Do you have a rough first draft of a book but need some help to get it polished up?

  • Are you so close to submitting your manuscript to agents and editors you can taste their vanilla lattes, but will want the reassurance of that final fresh pair of eyes on it?

Then let me help you. As an avid plotter, I would love to work with you to develop an outline and chapter breakdown for your story by throwing ideas around until a shiny new plotline emerges. Or let me read your first/second/third draft so I can help you work out what is missing or what can be cut, then you can revise it with confidence. Whether you send me your whole manuscript, or only your first ten/twenty pages and a synopsis,  I can help you get it as shiny as it needs to be.

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Caroline is masterful at teasing out different directions the plot might take and scenarios that can raise the stakes for my characters. She loves nothing more than helping authors brainstorm and craft strong scenes that keep the reader turning pages. I was writing a scene once that stretched far beyond my rudimentary knowledge of physics, and Caroline grabbed items from her desk to visually show me what the characters might do that would be much more compelling than the easy write-around I had created. Her developmental edits never lose sight of the overall plot and the story problems of each main character. Caroline also has a keen eye for the detail work required for strong line-edits. Her commentary, edits, and corrections will challenge authors to take their manuscripts to the next level.

Caroline is also such a lovely person to work with – she’s enthusiastic and encouraging and provides prompt and detailed editorial guidance.

EG, historical fiction author

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