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Individual coaching or mentoring

Whatever stage you are at as a writer—thinking about writing, halfway through your first-draft, or an experienced published author—I know there are things I can help you with, either as your coach or your mentor. But which? There are few differences between having a coach and a mentor,  but my COACHING OR MENTORING comparison table will help you decide how I could best serve you and your writing. Whether you are looking for me as a coach or as a mentor, however, your individual needs will come first, so let’s get together to talk through the best way I can help to get you writing—and writing well—and, ultimately, get you published.


Group workshops in Creative Writing (Fiction and Non-Fiction), Presentation Skills, and Idea-Creation

I’m an experienced workshop leader, for both adults and children, and I love working with a group or a class of writers to develop their skills and to help them share their writing with other people.  Rather than boring lectures, my workshops are always interactive, fun and (I hope) inspiring. If I’m working with an existing group/class/club, I try to help them foster a collaborative and supportive rapport through sharing and positive critiquing that will last after I leave. With a room of individuals, I try to develop a new and cooperative network so everyone leaves not only with new skills but at least one new ‘writing buddy’. So why don’t you and I get together to talk about how I can tailor my workshops—as a standalone or as a series—to help you and your group/class/team develop their skills and have fun at the same time?


Book launches

Are you an author wanting to put on a really great book launch?  Do you already have some ideas, or do you have no clue even where to begin? Whether this is your debut or your umpteenth book, I’d love to help you build a plan to make sure your amazing new book gets a launch to remember. We can talk about things like in-person/virtual launch events, blog tours, social media campaigns, giveaways and promotional gifts. Oh, and branded cupcakes…  Visit my Presentation Coach page for more details of my Book Launch Briefing course and personalized coaching. 


Workshop planning

Even the most experienced authors can get nervous when they’re invited to lead a writing workshop or give a presentation. Does that idea intimidate you or excite you? Let me help you pull together all the things you’ll need to make sure your audience enjoys themselves while learning, and you’ll take away a list of my useful and inspiring tips. We will discuss the importance of interactive exercises to keep people engaged, how you can augment your words with inspiring (but easy to create) visual presentations, and how to carry yourself so that everyone in the room, yourself included, has confidence in what you are saying.

Whenever I have asked Caroline to present to the teachers in Rice University’s Writing in the Arts class, she has never once turned me down. And each of those times, my teachers have literally cheered at the news of her pending presentations.  They know that they are in for a professional training that will be rich in valuable skills and a treat in which to participate. These are testimonies to Caroline Leech’s brilliant style in working to enrich teachers’ own writing. Her skills to draw tired writing teachers in—making each feel like they are noticed as unique and still part of writing community—is like watching a work of art being sculpted.

Pansy Gee,

Elementary Mentor, School LIteracy and Culture, Rice University.  

I sought Caroline’s input on a fiction workshop I was developing because of her proven success as a speaker and editor. Her suggestions on how to improve the content and structure were insightful, balanced, and constructive. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Chris Cander,

USA TODAY Best-Selling Author of Weight of a Piano

Caroline Leech is a caring, knowledgeable coach. She not only is a brilliant editor, but she has a gift of helping writers become their best selves on and off the page and the auditorium platform. I highly recommend her services.  

Andrea White
Author of Surviving Antarctica: Reality TV 2083

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