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If you are interested in coaching sessions with me, I will suggest that we get together on the phone or a video-call for an initial hour’s introduction chat for a flat fee of $130. While there is no obligation for you to continue after that, if you do sign up to work with me, my rate with you thereafter will be $100 per hourly session. Together, we will develop a Coaching Plan, tailored specifically for you and your writing project which will include a schedule for our meetings (say, weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your needs), goal-setting, craft lessons, “homework” tasks and editorial feedback.  If you pay for eight sessions in advance, I will give you a free ninth session.

Mentoring sessions will also include goal-setting and homework but will be less focused on a specific project and more on your development and career as a writer. I will read whatever pages you send me so we can discuss them, but it will be general forward-thinking feedback, not editorial-level notes. My hourly charges are the same as for coaching—$130 for our first introductory chat, $100 per hourly session after that—but our sessions are likely to be spread out over a longer period of time (say, monthly/bi-monthly).  If you pay for eight sessions in advance, I will give you a free ninth session.

How often we get together is up to you, but from experience, planning a schedule of meetings in advance keeps you (and me) accountable for turning up, and for doing the work we agree to do between sessions. I would be flexible about adjusting any meetings times set in advance which then become difficult, within reason, of course. 

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My rates for each individual presentation, speech and workshop is set according to the requirements of each event, and in negotiation with each organizer. If you are interested in working with me on an event, let's talk about how to it it the best experience for your audience and within your budget. Why not email me to start the conversation?

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Non-fiction/fiction—The price for each project is determined by its complexity and length. In general terms, we would agree a price in advance which would roughly equate to $100/hour, for time spent on all writing, research and client communication.

Shorter pieces—Similarly, the price is dependent on complexity, length, and research required, with pricing between $100-130/hour. This includes projects such as letters, articles, blog posts, and corporate communication.

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Because so much of my time is now spent coaching, I now don't do much straightforward editing. However, should one of my past or present coaching clients or other students request my help with a developmental edit of their manuscript, my rates would be:

Developmental edit of a novel/memoir manuscript up to 100,000 words - cost between $750-$1,000 - and package would include:

  • a detailed advisory letter,

  • in-manuscript comments

  • 30-minute 1:1 feedback call with me

Developmental edit of a picture book manuscript - this is something we would do together live in a coaching session.

For info: I almost never do line-editing anymore, but I do have recommendations of other great freelance editors I would happily pass you over to. Just let me know what you need.


For new clients, part or full payment will be expected before I begin editing. Any balance payment will be paid before delivery of the editorial package. For existed clients, with no outstanding payments due, we will agree a schedule of payments. Payment can be made through PayPal, Venmo, Zelle or another method by agreement.

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