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Ghostwriters like me work with clients like you, writing books, novels, speeches, essays, feature articles, blog posts, newsletters, training manuals, etc, for you to publish, deliver or post under your name. If that sounds a little sneaky, then let me assure you that it happens all the time, and in all sorts of businesses and industries. After all, you pay an experienced accountant to do your accounts, so wouldn’t you pay an experienced ghostwriter to do your writing?


Perhaps you are too busy to do the writing yourself—does the President ever write his own speeches?—or because, for all your vast and vital knowledge and experience of your own profession, writing a clean and readable piece is just not one of your strengths.


How many actors, astronauts, athletes, and adventurers have the time, focus or talent to pen their own autobiographies? Not many. Chances are, your favorite celebrities worked with a ghostwriter who skillfully pulled together a collection of their spoken memories, handwritten diary entries, and other resources to create a highly readable (i.e. a highly sellable) book. It’s not only celebrities who use ghostwriters, though. If you are in business, in science, or the arts and you want to cement yourself as an authority figure within your industry, then publishing a book, giving speeches, and sending out a regular newsletter is a great way to do that, and I can help with that.


And in fiction too, ghostwriting is a common (if less talked about) practice. Some of the most well-known authors give their latest story idea, be it a full outline or a basic premise, to a ghostwriter who creates a first draft which the author can then revise and personalize for publication in their own name. Alternatively, a ghostwriter may take an author’s rough first draft and revise it into a tighter manuscript before handing it back for the author to publish. (By the way, most ghostwriting contracts are covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and ghostwriters are very discreet.)


Companies use freelance ghostwriters all the time, except they are probably called copywriters. Yes, I do that too. (And no, I won’t ghostwrite college admission essays, but I can recommend a great college consultant who will coach you to write it yourself!)


So, what can I do for you? I have the time, the skill, and the experience to write great words for you—that’s my job!

Caroline is an excellent writer: she has both her own individual literary voice, and, at the same time, is highly skilled at adapting her writing style, if so required by a specific brief or project. Her writing experience is extremely broad, from stories and speeches to press articles, business reports and non-fiction. Caroline is an extremely collaborative professional, and she always works with warmth, tact and a real collaborative spirit. She is a highly talented and accomplished writer.

Anthony Freud, former General Director, Welsh National Opera

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