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Are you an author or an illustrator? Do you have a book to promote or events that you’d love to take part in, but you’re just so nervous of putting yourself out there that you don’t even know where to start? Then I'm right here to help you.

Before I wrote books, I was a public relations strategist for performing and literary arts organizations, and I also presented seminars teaching press strategy and presentation/media interview skills at conferences and to arts companies across the United Kingdom. Now, I bring both sides of my experience and expertise together to help authors and illustrators to present themselves and their books in public with confidence and professionalism while still protecting their privacy. 

I coach authors and illustrators 1:1 as they prepare for book launches, conference presentations or media interviews, and I also act as a mentor, working with my clients over a longer period of time to keep them moving forward on their goals and finding more opportunities to present. If you're not sure whether you need my Coaching or Mentoring package, check out this handy graphic which explains the difference.


I also present webinars and in-person courses, either for myself or for creative writing and workshop organizations, so please sign up for my NEWSLETTER or keep an eye on my EVENTS page to see where and when you can find my upcoming courses. I'm currently working on the launch of my own online courses and podcast later in 2022, so please join my mailing list to hear more about that. Or, if you have an event coming up and you'd like some individual coaching, contact me and we can have a discovery call to see what you need and how I can help.

After all, feeling confident and professional when you are talking in public - whether in person or online - is crucial to every author and illustrator. So whether you’re already published or you’re still working towards your first book deal, I promise that I will be able to help you feel great about facing an audience, instead of retreating to the comfort of your computer screen. I make sure that we all have fun while we are learning, and there's never any pressure to stand up and present (just a lot of kind encouragement). I cover topics like:

  • speaking effectively in public,

  • reading confidently from your books,

  • planning and promoting brilliant book launches/events,

  • creating fascinating speeches and workshops for presentation in schools/conferences/book clubs,

  • supporting your appearances through your social media, newsletters and blogs,

  • getting yourself interviewed on podcasts, radio and TV,

  • and nailing those interviews.

I have a library of downloadable resources to offer my students, giving real life practical advice, confidence building activities, event organization blueprints and checklists.

Through this work, I try to inspire even the most introverted authors and illustrators to feel great about getting out there to talk about themselves, their books and their craft, and to do it all with confidence, professionalism and with passion.

Brynn Barineau
Orange Blossom Publishing 2022

I'm a debut author with an indie press. A lot of the planning and marketing falls to me and I have no experience with planning book events. Caroline's workshop was exactly what I needed! She covered all aspects of a book launch from promotion to choosing swag to picking and practicing a signing tag in advance. I came away with a lot of actionable ideas for my own launch and more confidence I can make it an awesome event.

Becky Dean
Delacourte Press 2022

I really liked the breakdown, piece by piece, of all the elements in a good launch. A suggested agenda and exactly what was needed for each part was really helpful. Caroline took an intimidating topic for introverted writers like me and made it feel doable and fun. I feel like I can succeed at a book launch event now thanks to her organization and obvious expertise!

Jen Devon
St. Martin’s Griffin 2022

Caroline's launch webinar was one of the most effective confidence-building experiences I've had as a debut author. Her tips were fresh, validating, uplifting and often unexpected. I'm so surprised by the sheer amount of information and ideas she shared that I hadn't thought of; truly a case of "not knowing what I didn't know". She has a wealth of knowledge that she delivers in a relatable, conversational way. Enthusiastically recommend.

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