Sat, Aug 06


Zoom webinar

Presenting to the Public: Sharing Your Author Self with Confidence

Authors - whether you're already published or not quite yet, an introvert or extrovert, please join me to for this 3-hour introduction to shifting your mindset so you can share your author self publicly with confidence and professionalism. In partnership with The Writing Barn, Austin.

Presenting to the Public: Sharing Your Author Self with Confidence

Time & Location

Aug 06, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT

Zoom webinar

About the event

Do you feel queasy at the idea of talking about your book in public? Does the idea of doing an interview on a podcast or on radio– or worse, on TV! – to discuss your writing fill you with bone-chilling anxiety? Does the prospect of standing up to talk to even a small group of people give you the shivers? Or are you exactly the opposite? Do you love performing to an audience and you’d happily talk for hours to anyone who’ll listen, but you’re not quite sure how to talk about this particular book or project, or how to find the speaking opportunities you’re looking for?

Wherever you are on the sliding scale of self-confidence, putting yourself forward in public, either as a published author or an unpublished-but-active writer, can be hard. But don’t worry, we’re right here to help you.

Whether you’re already published or not published yet, and whether you identify as an extrovert or introvert, please join Caroline Leech – an experienced YA novelist and presentation skills/media training coach – to learn about how you can make the mindset shift  needed so you can share your author self publicly with confidence and professionalism.

During this 3-hour webinar, you will:
  • take part in fun, interactive exercises to help you develop impactful introductions and nail your elevator pitches,
  • learn how to capture and hold your audience’s attention with readings they won’t want to end,
  • discover how to use social media as a promotional tool not as an audience in itself,
  • develop plans so you can approach media interviews as if you were simply chatting to a friend,
  • hear how you can become part of a fantastically supportive writing community, so you’ll never again feel like you’re doing it all alone
  • take away useful worksheets to help you approach every public-facing opportunity with a smile on your face instead of wanting to bury your head in a hole in the ground (and we’ve all wanted to do that at times!)
During this 3-hour webinar, you will not:
  • be picked on or called on or called out or ritually humiliated
  • be forced into speaking in or presenting to the group if you’re not ready (though you will be encouraged to try)
  • be expected to immediately go out and shout about your book all over social media, or else!

This webinar aims to offer you a closed, safe space to learn, to try things out and make progress if you can. You will be made welcome whether you are waving at the camera desperate to share your assignment or if you are sitting quietly at the back taking notes for working through privately later. If you have any concerns or specific things you’d like Caroline to cover, she’d love to hear from you ahead of the webinar.

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