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Conference Crowd

Searching for Sam
A Guided Imagining for Authors and Illustrators

Presenting to an audience, even a relatively small one, can induce anxiety in even the most extroverted of authors. However, with this short listening exercise – what I like to call a guided imagining – we will work together to prepare you for your forthcoming speaking opportunities in a way that will help you look at the waiting audience in a different and more positive way, and even allow you to enjoy your speaking event.

Below are two audio files. The first has my introduction and the second has Searching for Sam, a Guided Imagining to help you face an audience with less fear. 

This isn’t meditation or hypnosis, just a way to open up your imagination to new possibilities in your mindset around public speaking. Even so, ideally, you should be sitting somewhere you can close your eyes safely, where there are no distractions, and please, promise me that you won’t listen to this when you are driving or working heavy machinery. 

So please, get yourself comfortable . . .

Intro to Searching for SamCaroline Leech
00:00 / 02:50
Searching for Sam - a Guided ImaginingCaroline Leech
00:00 / 07:27
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