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Are you a writer?

Whether you are already a published author like me, or just starting out on a story that you are desperate to share, then let me help you. Whatever stage you are at in your story-telling journey—just an idea, starting to write, finished a manuscript or ready to submit—I have the knowledge and experience to help you along your way through coaching and editing, or my online courses.


Or do you need a writer?

Everyone needs words, but not everyone is a writer. Just as you would engage a plumber or electrician, you can engage me to work on whatever words you need written. As a ghostwriter and copywriter, I’ve written speeches, news and feature articles, websites, blog posts, newsletters, press releases, non-fiction books and booklets, and of course, I’m an experienced novelist. So let me know what I can do to help you with some well-crafted words.


Please, get in touch. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

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I’ve been writing professionally for over three decades. First, I wrote for business—reports, press releases, newspaper and magazine articles, and newsletters—and then, when my life moved from the UK to the US, I started to write fiction, which led to two of my young adult novels being published by Harper Collins. Throughout that time, I have been sharing my knowledge and skills with other people through training workshops, conference presentations, one-to-one coaching, or just as a good old writing buddy. It occurred to me recently, however, that by pulling all that experience into one place, one business, I could reach even more people who need my help. People like you. That's why I'm now working under the simple headline of 


And if that doesn’t explain it enough, there's a strapline:

Author, Ghostwriter, Editor, Creative Writing Coach

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Caroline is an excellent writer: she has both her own individual literary voice, and, at the same time, is highly skilled at adapting her writing style, if so required by a specific brief or project. Her writing experience is extremely broad, from stories and speeches to press articles, business reports and non-fiction. Caroline is an extremely collaborative professional, and she always works with warmth, tact and a real collaborative spirit. She is a highly talented and accomplished writer.

Anthony Freud, former General Director, Welsh National Opera

Over the past several years when I have asked Caroline to present to the teachers in Rice University’s Writing in the Arts class, she has never once turned me down, and each of those times, my teachers have literally cheered at the news of her pending presentations.  They know that they are in for a professional training that will be rich in valuable skills and a treat in which to participate.

Pansy Gee,

Elementary Mentor, School LIteracy and Culture, Rice University.  

Caroline is a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and empathetic mentor that I’ve had the fortune of working with for years. She takes the time to truly understand your piece and provides valuable feedback both from a big picture as well as line-by-line perspective. She also is incredibly responsive. Our conversations have been foundational to me as I’ve developed my voice as a writer.

EH, YA Writer



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